CIOC Workshop: Day 1

Here's a chronological listing of the first day of the Comet ISON Observer's Workshop, held at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab. Note that two of the videos are interrupted by abrupt power outages. Next to each video we list the presentations contained within and the approximate time-stamp at which they begin. Also linked for some presentations are the PDF slides themselves. The file sizes varies, and while it's typically on the order of a few hundred kilobytes, some graphics-heavy presentations can be over 10MB. In general, you're recommended to right-click the link and save the PDF locally rather than read in your browser.

Hello ISON!

[00:00:00] Casey Lisse -- Workshop Introduction
[00:08:30] Kelly Fast & Lindley Johnson (NASA HQ) -- Welcome
[00:15:40] Mike A'Hearn (UMD) -- Historical Context
[00:46:45] Tony Farnham (UMD) -- Why you should archive your ISON data

Upcoming NASA Observations

[01:09:30] Ron Vervack (JHUAPL) -- MESSENGER
[01:27:10] Karl Battams (NRL) -- SOHO/STEREO
[01:48:30] Paul Feldman -- FORTIS

Upcoming NASA Observations

[00:00:00] Andy Cheng -- BRRISON
[00:23:55] Rich Zurek -- Mars Missions Overview
[00:29:25] Alan Delamere -- MRO/HiRISE
[00:38:00] Dave Humm -- MRO/CRISM

Non-organic volatiles (Part 1)

[00:00:00] Lori Feaga (UMD) -- What we'd like to know
[00:17:30] Lori Feaga (UMD) -- EPOXI Observations
[00:26:00] Dennis Bodewits -- Swift Observations
[power outage...]

Non-organic volatiles (Part 2)

[00:00:00] Dennis Bodewits -- Swift Observations (Cont...)
[00:05:25] Yan Fernandez (UCF) -- Spitzer Observations

Non-organic volatiles (Part 3)

[00:00:00] Matthew Knight (Lowell Obs) -- Lowell Observatory Observations
[00:05:15] Arielle Moullet (NRAO) -- OH Observations at Green Bank Telescope
[00:07:56] Ellen Howell (Arecibo Observatory) - Arecibo Radio Observations
[00:11:20] Discussion
[00:18:30] Chunhua Qi (Harvard CfA) -- Submillimeter Observations of ISON
[00:24:30] Matteo Crismani (University of Colorado, Boulder) -- MAVEN/IUVS Observations
[00:27:00] Discussion

Nucleus (Part 1)

[00:00:00] Jian-Yang Li -- What we'd like to know
[Power outage...]

Nucleus (Part 2)

[00:00:00] Jian-Yang Li -- Hubble Observations
[00:13:55] Nalin Samarasinha -- Predicting Rotational Changes in Comet ISON
[00:22:00] Discussion

Professional-Amateur Synergy

[00:00:00] Matthew Knight (for Nalin Samarasinha) -- Global Jet Imaging Campaign
[00:06:32] Nick Howes -- The Faulkes Telescope Campaign & Outreach
[00:12:45] Lou Mayo -- NASA: Engaging a Planet
[00:25:20] Elizabeth Warner -- Lessons Learned
[00:33:00] Padma Yanamandra-Fisher/Elizabeth Warner -- Summary
[00:37:00] Discussion