CIOC Workshop: Day 2

Here's a chronological listing of the first day of the Comet ISON Observer's Workshop, held at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab. Next to each video we list the presentations contained within and the approximate time-stamp at which they begin.

Comet-Sun Interaction

[00:00:00] Karel Schrijver (LMSAL) -- What We'd Like To Know
[00:36:00] Geraint Jones (UCL/MSSL) -- Modeling of Dust Tail Striae
[00:41:30] Kimberley Birkett (UCL) -- Modeling Sodium Tails
[00:48:00] Geraint Jones (for Yudish Ramanjooloo) (UCL) -- Ion Tail Analysis

Organics (Part 1)

[00:00:00] Mike Mumma -- What We'd Like To Know
[00:34:45] Stefanie Milam -- Multiwavelength "radio" observations of Comet ISON
[00:44:53] Stefanie Milam -- SOFIA observations of Comet ISON
[00:46:58] Neil Dello Russo -- Ground-based observations: Keck and IRTF

Organics (Part 2)

[00:00:00] Neil Dello Russo -- Ground-based observations: Keck and IRTF (Continued from Part 1)
[00:03:30] Discussion


[00:00:00] Diane Wooden -- What We'd Like To Know
[00:22:30] Diane Wooden -- The Prospects for PAHs
[00:33:30] Matthew Knight -- The Basics of AfRho
[00:41:45] William (Bill) Thompson -- Polarization Observations of Comet Lovejoy
[00:48:30] Dean Hines -- Hubble Telescope Pre-perihelion Polarimetry of Comet ISON
[00:52:30] Takafumi Ootsubo -- Subaru & COMICS
[00:57:40] Diane Wooden (for Bin Yang) -- Subaru+COMICS
[00:58:50] Diane Wooden -- SOFIA+FORCAST
[01:00:20] Mike Sitko -- BASS/IRTF Observations Of Comet ISON
[01:03:45] Mike Kelley -- GTC+CanariCam: Mid-IR spectra for dust composition and variability
[01:05:35] Mike Kelley -- IRTF+NSFCAM2: Near-IR polarimetry for dust structure+size and variability
[01:07:40] Matthew Knight -- Proposed Observations with Mcmath-Pierce Solar Telescope
[01:10:00] Adam McKay -- Comet ISON from the Dunn Solar Telescope at NSO
[01:13:01] Max Mutchler -- Hubble Heritage Imaging of Comet ISON
[01:19:00] Jian-Yang Li -- Hubble Observations of Comet ISON
[01:24:30] Discussion

Closure: Wrapping Up

[00:00:00] Karen Meech -- Connections, and the Big Picture
[00:34:00] Mike Kelley -- Observing Timeline on the CIOC Website
[00:47:25] Karl Battams -- The CIOC Website, future alerts and communications
[01:05:20] Discussion and wrap-ups